Psychotherapy and Jungian Analysis
in New York City and Westchester

I’ve practiced psychotherapy and Jungian analysis in New York City and Westchester County for 25 years. I offer this website and my blog to help explain how psychotherapy supports healing and growth.  These ideas are only broad outlines and possibilities, rather than prescriptions. My experience has been that it’s most important to tailor the treatment to each unique person, rather than to make assumptions about how to help someone before I know them.

I work with individual adults who are suffering from a broad range of problems, including:

You can find out more about my approach to therapy in my boBookCoverImageok, I’m Working On It In Therapy: How To Get The Most Out Of Psychotherapy by clicking here. The book serves as a guide for clients in most forms of traditional talk therapy (also known as depth therapy or psychodynamic therapy).

You can also view  my articles on dreams, therapy, and personal transformation on my blog at Huffington Post by clicking here.

One of the approaches to psychotherapy that I use is commonly known as Jungian therapy or Jungian analysis, developed by Swiss psychiatrist Carl Jung. Jung believed each person is unique and requires a personalized approach. But one perspective that he found helpful to many of his patients was to understand the struggles that they encountered as their own way of trying to work out personal issues that had been impeding their growth. He also suggested that as we understand how best to fulfill our own personal, individual nature, becoming more whole and authentic, our psychological struggles take on meaning, and suffering is diminished. Jung felt that it was important to look not just backward to where we’ve come from, but also forward, to where we need to go.

If you have questions please feel free to contact me via e-mail or by phone at either of my locations.