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A Jungian Analyst Takes Positive Psychology for a Test Drive:
Originally posted at Huffington Post, this article looks at the similarities and differences between the new field of psychology called Positive Psychology and Jungian psychology.

Depression, Expectations and the Felt Sense of Inadequacy
A look at some of the underlying archetypal dynamics that may lead to depression.

Understanding Work Addiction
One way to think of work addiction is as an over-functioning of the driven aspect of the personality, the part represented by heroes such as Hercules. Archetypal tendencies can go rogue, taking over our psychic functioning to the exclusion of other archetypes that could balance our lives and make them more whole.

Just Like Romeo and Juliet: Archetypal Patterns in Love and Marriage
Why does a love that looks so promising end in conflict or boredom? Optimism is helpful in relationships, but the more we can be aware of the possible pitfalls in them, the more likely we will be able to survive the difficulties.

Jungian Dream Analysis
Also written for Huffington Post, this blog describes some ways to understand your dreams from a Jungian perspective, and specifically addresses the experience of dreams being difficult to understand.

Duty and the Death of Desire
This article was published in the Journal of Jungian Theory and Practice and was intended for a professional readership, but it isn’t too technical. It describes the all-too-common reaction we have when we feel we are supposed to do something, and how it can inhibit some of the most fulfilling activities of life that we can engage in.

War’s Attraction: Love or Fascination?
A review of A Terrible Love of War, by James Hillman. This review was originally published in Quadrant, Journal of the C.G. Jung Foundation for Analytical Psychology. In it I address the question of whether war is archetypal and therefore inevitable, or the displacement of a more fundamental energy.